About Us



Wintrust Mortgage Loan Officers are seasoned mortgage professionals. They have seen real estate, credit and economic cycles come and go. They don’t chase trends or yell from the rooftops. They calmly, clearly and professionally review your needs and goals to find the proper mortgage loan for your long and short term goals.


There are no cookie-cutter solutions in this business. You want to make sure your mortgage provider has the depth of experience and the depth of products to best meet your needs. Your Wintrust Mortgage Loan Originator has access to hundreds of different financial solutions, one may be perfect for you.


Wintrust Mortgage is a division of Barrington Bank and Trust, N.A., a Wintrust Community Bank. Wintrust Financial Corporation is a nearly $20 billion financial services holding company located in Rosemont, IL. Wintrust has chartered banks (with over 130 locations), full wealth management services and a variety of specialized finance companies. Unlike many other regional financial institutions, Wintrust remains profitable and well capitalized. For more information on Wintrust and their financial strength, please visit www.wintrust.com.


There is a lot of noise in the market right now. At Wintrust Mortgage, we want you to understand what is happening in the market. The more you know, the better you can make an informed decision. It’s not only our job to help craft the best solution for you, but to ensure you understand why. 


In business for 30 years, with more than 300 offices across the United States, Wintrust Mortgage is committed to serving the financial needs of all regions. Ours is not a “fly by night” operation that is here today and gone tomorrow. You can count on Wintrust Mortgage to always be there. It’s our stability that makes it possible for us to offer the depth of products and level of experience. 


There should never be any surprises in the process, documentation or pricing, before, during or after the closing. Communication is the key. Count on your Wintrust Mortgage Loan Originator to communicate where you are in the process, how long each step will take, what’s involved and what you can expect. If you don’t understand something, we’ll explain it. If your loan will be sold after closing, you’ll know it well before. When it comes to your home, there should be no surprises.


Having access to a variety of solutions means nothing if you don’t know how to use them. The Wintrust Mortgage team is not only experienced, but well educated. All of them are subject to rigorous, ongoing Continuing Education requirements. You can be confident in your Wintrust Mortgage Loan Originator’s access to solutions and in their ability to pick the right one for you. 

Price Fairness

Some companies claim to have the lowest rates. Others promise to have the lowest (or no) closing costs or fees. The problem with both of these is that it is all tied together. There are costs associated with documentation and closing, just as there are costs with borrowing money. More often than not, if a company claims to be the lowest in one, they’ve raised the other to make up for it. This is a game we won’t play. We don’t post rates and don’t promise to have the lowest anything. We will promise that your rates and fees will be fair, competitive in the market and that you will understand each cost and how it was determined.