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Finding the perfect house for you and your family can be hard. Finding the right mortgage shouldn't be. Count on your Wintrust Mortgage Loan Originator to find the right loan for you.


The Wintrust Mortgage exclusive credit checklist that assists buyers through the mortgage process.

PreFlight for Consumers

  • PreFlight gives you control over who has access to your confidential data and is the recommended first step when searching for a suitable mortgage and terms. 
  • PreFlight makes you aware of your credit profile before applying for a loan or when shopping for a home.  
  • PreFlight’s precise ID authentication provides an additional level of protection against identity theft.
  • Your Credit Radar report, generated by PreFlight, is a simple way to become informed of the potential obstacles and opportunities that may exist during your mortgage application process. 
  • PreFlight is also a secure method for you and your lender to comply with various State and Federal laws requiring the demonstration of permissible purpose and your specific authorization prior to accessing your personal credit data.

PreFlight for Realtors:

  • Mortgage PreFlight is one of the safest and secure methods for your client to pre-authorize access to their credit data for the processing of a mortgage application. It also assures Wintrust that the Consumer has authorized pulling credit for the purpose of a mortgage inquiry.
  • Know Before You Show - Automatically determine if prospective buyers are qualified before showing properties.
  • Enhanced Safety - By authenticating and confirming the identity of the potential buyer,
  • PreFlight provides increased security for Realtors and homeowners.
What are you waiting for?  Our mortgage professionals can make PreFlight available to you today!